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The 1970s

1972 Conestoga Pioneers Football

1970 Pioneers Story

The 1970 Pioneers record of 4-6-0 did not do justice to this team’s ability. Captain Tim Barrett’s injury was one of the many setbacks although Co-captain Mark Pace led the team well. Glen Capriola, an outstanding back, was a prolific scorer. Dave Anderson was selected for the All Central League Team.

1971 Pioneers Story

The ability of the 1971 Pioneer football squad is not sufficiently acknowledged merely by mentioning its 7-3 season. Despite its three losses, the highly ranked Pioneer defense allowed an average of only three points per game while the extremely aggressive offense racked up a 16 point average per game. Seniors Ed Battisfore, Glelnn Capriola, Tim Gessner, Steve Gibson, Steve Schindler and Bob Schwartz were chosen for the Suburban First string All Central League Team.

1972 Conestoga Pioneers Football
1972 Conestoga Pioneers Football

1972 Pioneers Story

The 1972 Pioneers were the Central League Champions for the first time with an 8-1-1 record. This team’s high-flying offense led by the quarterbacking of Chuck Myers average 22 points per game. Suburban All-League selections were Euclid Noble, Eric Swanson, Richard Whiting, Chuck Myers, and Louis Alleva. Defensive leadership was supplied by Captain Chris Staley. The 1972 team was the last team to be coached by Bill Paolantonio who earned a place of honor on the list of Area football coaches with a career record of 114 wins, 44 losses, and 9 ties.

Joe Ujobai took over the head coaching reins with the 1973 Pioneers and in the succeeding four years compiled a 27 win, 13 loss, and one tie record including a Central League second place in 1973 and a tie for the championship in 1975.

1973 Pioneers Story

The 1973 team amassed seven wins, two losses, one tie with outstanding offensive play by quarterback Len Clewett, backs Ted Holland and Frank Alleva and end Dan Driscoll. The defensive was led by John Ames, Dave Vegso, George Hahn, Steve Lobb and Reggie Williams.

1973 Conestoga Pioneers Football
1974 Conestoga Pioneers Football

1974 Pioneers Story

Returning in 1974 were Captain Ted Holland, Len Clewett, Frank Alleva, Dave Vegso, Steve Lobb and Reggie Williams. Excellent performances were also turned in by Matt Seasholtz, Keith Shultis, Mike Alston, Greg Anderson, Colin McCarty, Dave Guender and Greg Marquardt as the team finished with a winning record of five and four.

1975 Pioneers Story

The 1975 team lost their opening game with Plymouth-Whitemarsh, but went on to accumulate eight wins and a tie for the Central League title. Colin McCarty and Billy Olson were named to the All Area Team, and Steve Pettia and Frank Alleva were chosen for the All Central League First Team.

1975 Conestoga Pioneers Football
1976 Conestoga Pioneers Football

1976 Pioneers Story

Things looked dark for the Pioneers in 1976 with the loss of their secondary and defensive line, but John Dannaker, Dave Gorecki and Doug Howard pumped up their teammates, and they were able to put up four wins vs six close losses.

1977 Pioneers Story

The 1977 Pioneers, under head coach George Cockerill earned a 8-2-0 record for a second place finish in the Central League. Captain Mike Machikas, John Dannaker, Brian Holland and Dave Steimke were the leaders of the new Conestoga. The Pioneers showed their back running out of the “I” with some versions of a slotbakc formation and a pro set. Defensively, they ran a wide-tackle six.

1978 Conestoga Pioneers Football
1978 Conestoga Pioneers Football

1978 Pioneers Story

The 1978 football season will be long remembered as one of Conestoga’s most exciting, mainly because of the team’s Central League Championship. This year the Pioneers had a superior offense as well as a powerful defense. The team was led by quarterback Gary Schofield, Brian Holland, Frank Pitts, Mark Trudel, and Rich Syrek.

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