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Coach Ernie Meyer was a 1929 graduate of Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA.  He played professional football with a former NFL team, the Portsmouth, Ohio Spartans, before moving to Berwyn where he started teaching and coaching at T.E. High School in 1945.  Over the course of his coaching career at T.E.H.S., Coach Meyer had the third best winning record in the Ches-Mont League and was a member of the Century Club of Coaches for winning over a hundred games.


Meyer retired from coaching in 1954 when his last team gave him the best going away present - a County Championship!


Craig Bollman, TE class of 1955 and a lineman on Meyer’s final team, has donated a scholarship to the TE-Conestoga Football Association to honor Ernie Meyer.  Craig was so impressed with Coach’s ability to bring out leadership qualities in his players that he would like the scholarship to recognize a senior who exhibits this important quality.  Thus, the Ernie Meyer/Craig Bollman Leadership Scholarship was established.


From the school newspaper at the time, the Eastfrin Echoes, “Anyone who has worked and played under Mr. Meyer talks of him with the greatest respect and admiration.  Even rival schools hold him in high esteem.”  The article went on to say that the name Ernie Meyer will be passed along from generation to generation and that it will always be remembered.  Craig Bollman has made sure of that.

Ernie Meyer & Craig Bollman


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