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The 1990s

1991 T/E Conestoga Pioneers Football

1991 Pioneers Story

Following a 1-10 season in 1990, second year Head Coach Bob Novotni lead the 1991 Conestoga Football team to a 6-4-2 season with wins against Springfield, Strath Haven, Haverford, Penncrest, Radnor and Marple Newtown.  The Marple victory was the first time since 1985 that the Pioneers defeated the Tigers.  Captains were Owen Hicks, Nick Gersbach, Greg Byrnes, Wiley Yinger.  Novotni praised his offensive line: Mike Barmore, Greg Byrnes, Dave Benedick, Neil Gerabach and Wiley Yinger.  Place kicker Simon Kricka was instrumental in several victories.  Other standouts were Matt Teeter, Jason Durrell, Myles Reynolds, Stevie Brown, Owen Hicks, Jim Thomaselli, Case Vernon, Dave Oliver, Jason DeFabrizio, and Ryan McGeorge.

1992 Pioneers Story

The 1992 Conestoga Football team had a chance to finish above .500 with a Thanksgiving win over perennial opponent Marple Newtown.  BUT “ With Conestoga on Marple’s two-yard line with the final seconds ticking away, the Pioneer players scrambled to line up for the game’s final play. The problem was that the previous play, a three-yard pass reception to Troy Brown, ended in the far corner of the field and the ball was never brought back to the center of the field.  Despite the fact that Conestoga’s offense was in a position to call one more play, time was allowed to run out. The game ended with Conestoga’s players and coaches screaming for an official’s time-out to put the ball in place.” (DLN, 11/27/92)

So the Pioneers ended with a 5 and 6 season.  Victories were recorded against Great Valley, Radnor, Springfield, Haverford and Penncrest.  Bob Novotini was the head coach.  Captains were Ryan McGeorge, Steve Brown, Dave Oliver and Aaron Van Horn.  The Team Council consisted of Chris Caniz, Ollie Knewstub, Brian Zagol, Case Vernon, Josh Guzman and Jared Quereau.

1992 T_E Conestoga Pioneers Football.jpg
1993 T_E Conestoga Pioneers Football.jpg
1972 Conestoga Pioneers Football

1993 Pioneers Story

In 1993, Bob Novotni was in his fourth year as head coach of the Conestoga High School football team.  And his team was 5th in the early Daily Local News rankings.  However, the Pioneers had a tough time finishing off opponents as they amassed a four and seven season with wins against Lower Merion, Radnor, Springfield and Penncrest.  Assistant coaches were George Cockerill, Paul Sweatlock, Scott Allison, Sam Young and Harry Gicking.  Team captains were Andrew McGeorge, Jim Simmington, Nate Floyd, Arash Bonakdar and Dave Benedick.

1994 Pioneers Story

In 1994, Pat Randolph, a Ridley High School football star, assumed the role of Head Coach of the Conestoga football program.  In his first year, his team went four and seven with wins against Central League opponents Lower Merion, Radnor, Strath Haven and Penncrest.  Team captains were quarterback Rob Sprague and lineman Steve Bradley.  Defensive standouts were Grahm Hicks, Doug Franklin and Jesse Knight.  Mike Dennis was an outstanding two-way player.  Rob Sprauge, Mike Morey, Steve Jackson and Brendan Holland lead the offensive production.

1994 T_E Conestoga Pioneers Football.jpg
1995 T_E Conestoga Pioneers Football.jpg

1995 Pioneers Story

The 1995 Conestoga Pioneers were mentored by Head Coach Tim Donovan.  Their 7-4 season was the best since the 1978.  The season opened with two losses to West Chester East and Ridley followed by two wins over Lower Merion and Radnor.  Two losses to Springfield and Haverford gave the Pioneers new resolve, and they completed the season with five wins over Strath Haven, Penncrest, Upper Darby, Upper Dublin and Marple Newtown.  Underdogs in the Upper Dublin contest and trailing in the Marple game, the scrappy men found a way to pull out the victory.  Outstanding for the team were Steven Jackson, Brendon Holland, Dante Coles, Eric Swords, Steve Norcini, Bryon Thornton, Ben Quereau, Hubby Brown, Bryon Carter and Ryan Weidler. 

1996 Pioneers Story

The 1996 Conestoga Pioneers were Tri-Champions of the Central League with a ten win- two loss season.  Tim Donovan was the head coach.  Dante Coles, Steve Norcini and Joe Seavey were the team captains.  It was exciting reading as the team collected eight wins before their first loss to Ridley but only by a score of 13-0 which prompted Coach Donovan to laud his defense.

Throughout the season, the offense racked up the points: West Chester East victory 31-6, Lower Merion victory – no article, Radnor 28-6, Springfield 24-21, Haverford win 35-21, Strath Haven 23-20, Penncrest 21-7,Upper Darby 19-7, Boyertown 69-24, Marple Newtown victory.

1996 T_E Conestoga Pioneers Football.jpg
1997 T_E Conestoga Pioneers Football 2.jpg

1997 Pioneers Story

The 1997 Pioneers finished the season strong earning a 6-6 record.  Tim Donovan was the Head Coach.  Captains were Matt Diamond, Chris Bickel, Chris Vaughn and Scott Cappelli.  Wins were recorded vs. Radnor, Springfield, Lower Merion, Boyertown, West Chester Henderson and Marple Newtown.  Outstanding members of the team were Marquis Weeks, Chris Vaughn, Gavin McCrory, Taiwan Cunningham, Matt Diamond, Charlie Wu, Dave Brennan, Kyle Wildemore, Matt Hildenbrand, Matt Walter, Pete Keller, Tom Aichele, Andy Shea, Scott Cappelli.

1998 Pioneers Story

The 1998 Football Squad finished the season with four wins over Ridley, Lower Merion, Sun Valley and Marple Newtown to record a five win and six loss year.  Tim Donovan was the head coach.  Marquis Weeks, Matt Walters, Brad Stanley and Dave Brennan were team captains.  Marquis Weeks, Matt Hildenbrand, Miles Bower and Andy Shea were leaders from the Junior Class.

1998 T_E Conestoga Pioneers Football 2.jpg
1999 T_E Conestoga Pioneers Football 2.jpg

1999 Pioneers Story

In 1999, Matt Gibson took over the reigns of the Conestoga Football program.  In his first season, the team amassed a seven win – five loss season.  Senior Marquis Weeks made headlines each week as he finished the 1999 year with 2,305 yards to end his Conestoga career with 6,026 yards.  Marquis, Andy Shea, Pete Keller, and Miles Bower were the 1999 Captains.  Several underclassmen made their mark during the season: Sophomores - tight end/ linebacker Chase Bower, quarterback Dewey Burke, tailback/ safety Steve Shea and fullback/ safety Eric Hildenbrand, and Freshman quarterback John D’Agostini.

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